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Social Justice

The issue of social justice and social exclusion has been an area of interest for the Foundation for many years.

The Foundation has been supporting the the Rugby Portobello Trust (RPT), a social exclusion charity local to where Rory and Elizabeth live in West London for many years. 

In 2010, RBT merged with P3a charity and social enterprise which runs a variety of services all across the UK, that aim to give everyone the chance to be part of the community they live in and feel connected to society.

Elizabeth joined the the P3 board following the merger and the Foundation continues to provide support to P3.

From 2012, the Foundation supported the highly influential and important work of independent think-tank, the Centre for Social Justice and Rory served as Chairman of the CSJ board for a period in 2016.

In 2017, the Foundation began supporting Justice and Care, an organisation working to fight human trafficking internationally. Justice and Care work to save and rebuild victim’s lives, bring traffickers to justice and help Governments tackle the problem at national scale.